Comrie Cancer Foundation

Helping Those in Need of Funds During the Trials and Tribulations of Fighting Cancer

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The Comrie Cancer Foundation was formed with the purpose of helping those in need by raising much needed funds, allowing them to focus their attention on dealing with their tribulations fighting cancer. Our goal is to make sure that in everything we do, we do it to benefit those from our local communities. Be they from Southwest Florida, or from the cities and communities we expand to in the future.


Benefit for Lewis Johnson

The Comrie Cancer Foundation is holding a special exclusive event in November, 2016. In addition to supporting the foundation's activities for 2017, The Comrie Cancer Foundation is auctioning off a special vacation package to benefit Lewis Johnson, who is currently battling cancer. Lewis has a special bucket list wish to travel our great United States and take in as much of what makes our country so special.

"The road is a long one and I want my turn on it to share with others in hopes of firing up their passion to live strong and put up a fight as well. We are all here to empower and help others in whatever way we possibly can and when it helps them to do it as they wish it is all the better especially if they too pass along the notion and vibe of goodwill to all."

Lewis Johnson

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